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Our Mission

Nightswimming is an award-winning dramaturgical theatre company devoted, since 1995, to developing new plays, performance works and dance. We explore new forms by commissioning Canada's leading artists in the fields of theatre, music and dance. We create powerful, moving and beautiful works of performance, and pursue the study of stories and how they are told in the theatre.

Nightswimming commissions, develops and workshops these projects but does not produce them itself. We seek out established performing arts companies as partners in an extended developmental process leading to premiere productions by our partner companies. Nightswimming is devoted, through the creation of these new works, to advancing the field of dramaturgy and play development in Canada.

Nightswimming is dedicated to theatrical innovation. Our critically acclaimed plays-in-production explore challenging theatrical forms and emotionally rich stories with bold visual style. We commit to long-term relationships with our writers and provide them with the tools they need: substantial commissions; readings and workshops; high calibre actors; research; colleagues from the areas of design, choreography and music; on-going dramaturgical support; and a developmental process that is ideally suited to their requirements. We believe this approach will inspire these artists to create some of their best work.

About Nightswimming

We give writers invaluable space in which to create, free from the pressure of most deadlines. While they're working, we act as a broker, seeking out the ideal theatre company for the new work, and convincing them to eventually produce it. We give the writer an unfettered opportunity to create and we offer producing theatres shows that they couldn't have developed themselves.

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