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Our Mission

Nightwood Theatre forges creative alliances among women artists from diverse backgrounds in order to develop and produce innovative Canadian Theatre. We produce original Canadian plays and works from the contemporary international repertoire. We advocate for women, provide a training ground for emerging talent and engage artists in play development and theatre production. We make theatre that is relevant, that awakens a new perspective, and promotes empathy and a deeper connection to our humanity.

Nightwood’s overriding vision is to be the gateway, propelling women to the top of their craft in Canadian Theatre.

About Our Charity

Nightwood Theatre, a 35 year old national professional women's theatre company, has established a powerful reputation as a company that is fuelled by risk and innovation. We have launched careers, premiered new playwrights, tackled edgy subject matter and have broken ground in cultural representation on our stages. We have made a vast contribution to the Canadian canon of plays written by women. Whether we produce the work ourselves or shepherd it on, we have made a lasting impact, recognized on an international level as the company that developed the most produced play by a Canadian woman playwright in the world (Anne-Marie MacDonald’s Good Night Desdemona…). This makes Nightwood a strong force engaging unique and diverse women’s voices with the general public.

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