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Our Mission

Our goal is to become a leading centre for Islamic learning and the celebration of Islamic culture, while respecting the diversity in peoples and religions as directed by the Qur’an [49.13], and in pursuance of that goal: to promote the sharing of knowledge and wisdom in a spirit of humility and respect; to foster an appreciation of the diversity and beauty of the cultural heritages in the world of Islam; to provide a place for the community where mind and spirit can find peace and spiritual fulfillment; and to encourage understanding and amity between peoples by these means.


The Noor vision is to be a centre representing the identity of Canadian Muslims, with these features:

Being a place for Muslims to come together as members of one faith, regardless of sect, ethnicity or gender;

Where the cultural diversity of the Islamic world is viewed as a source of beauty and artistic plenitude, and never of divisiveness;

Where the Quranic injunctions of learning and reflection are upheld as universally and eternally applicable and of paramount importance; and so, accommodating and encouraging an intellectually vibrant community unfettered by the chains of ignorance, prejudice and bigotry;

Where bridges of understanding are built between people, through discourse and discovery;

Where Muslims and their fellow citizens of other faiths can find the means to “know one another” [Qur’an 49.13]

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