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Wildlife Sponsorship Adoption

Help take care of your favorite wildlife resident at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre.  While the majority of animals brought to the Centre are cared for, treated and released back into the wild, there are some who would not be able to fend for themselves and must remain at the Centre.  You can help by sponsoring one or more of your favorite animals.  Sponsorship Adoptions Packages range from $30 to $250 per animal and you will receive a certificate with photos of your chosen animal, a one-time pass to visit the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre, and a tax receipt.  Wildlife Sponsorship Adoptions make great gifts, just let us know the recipient's name - we will put it on the certificate - and we can even mail it directly to them if you would like. 

The following animals require your help:

Bald Eagle - Sandor

Barn Owl - Bean

Barn Owl - Jelly

Barred Owl - Oliver

Barred Owl - Oneeye

Black Bear - Knut

Golden Eagle - King Alfred

Great Horned Owl - Boo

Great Horned Owl - Yuki

Peregrine Falcon - Patrick

Raven - Ralph

Raven - Trickster

Red Tailed Hawk - Glider

Snowy Owl - Elsa

Swainson's Hawk - Elvis

Turkey Vulture - Igor

Turkey Vulture - Vladimir

You can see photos of the animals available for adoption at:

NOTE: If you pay via Canada Helps, you must send a message to us including: the animal you would like to sponsor, the name for the adoption certificate and a mailing address.  If this information is not provided, we will be unable to complete your sponsorship adoption.  Canada Helps will send your tax receipt via email.