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Support for Seniors At Home

NYSC continues to deliver essential services to seniors living the community. Our Personal Support Workers are on the front line helping seniors with bathing, meal preparation, medication reminders and other acts of daily living. They provide an important role within the healthcare system.

Our drivers are taking seniors to medical appointments and helping them with grocery shopping and helping them get their medications.

While we are physically distancing ourselves from in-person social activities, our teams are socially connecting with seniors by telephone, through social media and email- everyday. Virtual hangouts are scheduled and we're helping folks get and stay connected. Our volunteers are itching to stay engaged, and we're helping them stay connected in this time of challenge.

Physically distancing is important, and it will save us all.

For seniors it's a double edged sword - social isolation is extremely important and at the same time it can diminish their well being. As this situation continues, we will see an increase of seniors needing our help.

We need to be able to send our PSWs and drivers into the community safely - in full personal protective equipment - to do their job. We need virtual technology support to deliver activities. And, lets not forget the nice things, the small things, that can mean so much. The things that put a smile on someone's face, even in this difficult time. A phone call, or handwritten note along with a cookie - delivered to a senior's door - reminding them that they are part of the NYSC family, and that we care.