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This year Images Festival celebrates it’s 32nd anniversary as one of the most respected festivals in North America dedicated to contemporary moving images and experimental media arts, including; films, videos, installations, new media, and performances.

We need your support in order to continue to foster the growing appreciation for independent local, Canadian, and international perspectives.

By supporting us, you will help create a progressive platform for moving images in Toronto, Canada, and provide artists with a supportive and professional forum to present their work and make connections.

Images is committed to cultivating a passionate arts community who believe that moving images have the power to activate critical thinking and cultural change. 

Every donation makes a difference, support Images now!

Monthly giving options available as low as $10 per month.

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Images is an artist-driven festival that expands traditional definitions and understandings of media art by experimenting with a multiplicity of artistic forms.

Images presents, promotes and pushes the boundaries of contemporary moving image culture.

Images raises the profile of independent media art to develop critical engagement for Canadian and international artists and audiences.

What People Are Saying

"I've been a filmmaker for over a decade, but only recently have I begun to identify explicitly as an experimental filmmaker. It has been an affirmation beyond my wildest dreams to be programmed alongside so may brazen, dazzling, stirring and challenging films."

— Caitlyn Craggs, York University Award for Best Student Work on Screen

"Images' spirit of counter hegemonic representation, celebrating the unseen deeply moved me. This year's Images has inspired me to engage more with the current affairs of the world."

— Weibin Wang, Steam Whistle Homebrew Award

"Images Festival was my first experience at a film festival and I was deeply impressed by how intersectional and dynamic the programming was. I also met so many incredible filmmakers, critics, and researchers that have and will continue to enrich my relationship to film. "

— Jon Wang, OCADU Off Screen Award

"The festival has been very generous and supportive of my work these past few years and with the sentiment of the award and the spirit of the festival. I feel humbled and proud to be one amongst the multitude of voices given stage and space for expression, insight, and community."

— Sky Hopinka

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