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This year Images Festival celebrates it’s 31st anniversary as the largest festival in North America dedicated to cutting-edge media arts, including; films, videos, installations, new media, and performances.

We need your support in order to continue to foster the growing appreciation for independent local, Canadian, and international perspectives.

By supporting us, you will help create a progressive platform for moving images in Toronto, Canada, and provide artists with a supportive and professional forum to present their work and make connections.

Images is committed to cultivating a passionate arts community who believe that moving images have the power to activate critical thinking and cultural change. 

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Established in 1987, Images Festival has celebrated 30+ years as the largest and most important independent media arts event in North America showcasing international creativity, excellence and innovation both on and off the screen. Each year, some of the world’s most influential and groundbreaking artists show their newest work at Images, including more than 200 works each year. 

What People Are Saying

"The festival has been very generous and supportive of my work these past few years and with the sentiment of the award and the spirit of the festival. I feel humbled and proud to be one amongst the multitude of voices given stage and space for expression, insight, and community."

— Sky Hopinka

"Being part of the Images festival was an honour I will never forget. As an emerging artist, I felt that the inclusion of my work in the festival signified a welcoming into the community, it helped to elevate the way my work is viewed...propelling my career forward."

— Caitlin Durlak, Best Student Video and Home Brew Award

"The Images Festival has empowered me and many others to connect and share our work. It has proved to be a valuable place where different artists can come together under one roof to share new and exciting visions for the future."

— Paul Nguyen, Tom Berner Award

"Experimental media practices are so wonderfully diverse, changeable and unpredictable, that it’s not always easy to know what the criteria for success or failure are at any given time. Festivals help – particularly, reliably well-run festivals like Images."

— Gary Kibbins, Less is More Award

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