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Northern Compass, helping Northern youth navigate their future


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Northern Compass, helping Northern youth navigate their future

Northern  Youth Abroad believes that a strong, prosperous, healthy North (Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon) relies on creating opportunities for young people to feel prepared, hopeful, and ready to take on every challenge. A broad spectrum of barriers can exist for Northern youth attempting to successfully transition into post-secondary education (PSE), careers and beyond. These barriers may include having to travel outside of their community for the first time, not being able to access funding for college, having to learn how to navigate a city for the first time, not having been in a formal classroom before, and being possibly the first in their community to attend Post-Secondary. By implementing an innovative support network and practical tools that address these barriers we envision equitable access to all opportunities, to feel confident, and supported in their choices, and to excel in any pathway they choose.

Your donation will support the creation of semi-supported activities, tools and resources that will help youth be better prepared for and able to navigate the systems in place; helping youth build community and be connected should they need to travel away from home, be it in the North or South, for school; and provide resources that are accessible and relevant to the needs of Northerners. Some of these resources will include tours of campuses, career coaching, accessing academic help, getting the tools they need to succeed in class, access to Northern Achievement Coaches who would help youth achieve their goals (teaching them how to set goals, helping them find what resources exist and how to access them, securing housing, navigating a city, opening a bank account, registering for classes etc). Funds for Northern Compass will also help create a toolbox of resources for youth all across the North to access including how to apply to school, career counselling, how to find and apply for funding, mental health resources, academic support etc.