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NYA Legacy Fund

Creating Opportunity!

The NYA Legacy Fund was launched in 2017 as an initiative celebrating the 20th anniversary of Northern Youth Abroad. At its core, the Legacy Fund is all about helping create and support opportunity for NYA Alumni to achieve their goals. Money raised as a part of the Legacy Fund will go directly to supporting initiatives and activities that invest in helping Alumni.

Two initiatives which the Legacy Fund continues to support are: the NYA Alumni Post-Secondary Bursaries and the NYA Discretionary Support.

NYA Alumni Post-Secondary Bursaries

To date, Northern Youth Abroad has awarded over sixty-five $500 bursaries to NYA Alumni who are attending post-secondary studies. NYA awards bursaries in order to assist with the financial burden of attending a college or university program, and to reward Alumni's ambition and commitment to education and personal success. The NYA bursary is just one aspect of our on-going dedication to ensuring a successful and sustainable transition to post-secondary education for our Alumni. 

Discretionary Support

The NYA Discretionary Support fund is allocated to provide help when and where it is most needed. It ensures that every Alumni has access to the tools and resources needed to ensure their success in situations of adversity. Discretionary support funding is given on a case-by-case basis as needed. Use of the Discretionary Support have included:- Application fees for post-secondary school- Grocery cards- Emergency funds- Tutoring services

Thank you for helping us continue to invest in our Alumni achieving their dreams!

Beyond this we encourage you to get involved - we have growing need and opportunities for volunteers and support in a number of areas. You can also follow everything that we have going on in through our website and blog at, and following us on Facebook and Twitter.