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Community Recovery Fund

When Northumberland United Way introduced the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund in March 2020, they could have never imagined that Northumberland County would still be facing the impact of a global pandemic today. Over these past two years, the organization has responded to increased needs in the areas of food security, housing, childcare, senior support, employment, mental health, and social connection.

The pandemic has affected us all. But it has not affected us all equally.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity in our community, especially by the individuals, families, companies, and employees, who continue to rally with us because they believe in a safer, more equitable Northumberland County. But as the pandemic persists and the need continues to grow, we are overwhelmed by the requests that we receive from our community partners working on the front line.

When Northumberland United Way’s annual funding application closed in December, local non-profit organizations had requested nearly double the amount of dollars available to be invested locally.

We saw the need, we knew we had to do something.

That is why we are transitioning our COVID-19 Community Relief Fund to our new Community Recovery Fund because we recognize that responding to the impact of COVID-19 is no longer about short-term relief. Instead, it is a long-term recovery effort to provide sustainable solutions to address some of our greatest challenges.

Food security continues to be a reality for the 1 in 8 families in Northumberland County struggling to access healthy and nutritious meals. Rolling lockdowns and economic decline have led to skyrocketing unemployment rates, predominately among low-wage or precarious workers. And the housing crisis continues to worsen.

Donations to the Northumberland United Way Community Recovery Fund will help target these deep-rooted issues and fill the gaps in community investments. The fund will help the organization rebuild the network of social service supports locally.

We are committed to an equitable recovery, and we need your help.What we do today will define the Northumberland County of tomorrow.

To donate to the Northumberland United Way Community Recovery Fund visit and encourage others to join you.