Northwest London Resource Centre


Business Number: 863889242RR0001

The Northwest London Resource Centre is a neighbourhood-based, non-profit organization that champions community development through empowering young people and building connections between youth and their community. Founded in 2002 by a group of young people who were not afraid to advocate for their community, the NWLRC delivers programming and events that support skill-building, leadership, mentoring, healthy lifestyles and community participation. The NWRLC also provides emergency food services to the neighbourhood and community connections through service referrals. With its proactive and energetic approach to community development, the NWLRC’s services and activities reduce social isolation, provide education and employment opportunities, increase social and life skills and strengthen the neighbourhood. NWLRC is the “hub” of the Northwest London community.

What People Are Saying

"NWLRC was an amazing place to volunteer at. They are always dedicated and try to help everyone, especially youth."

— Julia Paterson, Youth

"@NorWestLondonRC They are doing an amazing job involving the residents of @LMHousingCorp! #ldnont"

— Sandasha Ferguson, Community Services, London Police

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