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Change the Future of Food in Health Care

Registered Name: Nourish Leadership

Business No: 794405209RR0001

Change the Future of Food in Health Care

Picture this: a simple hospital tray, not just a means of serving meals to patients, but a platform for transforming our food and health systems. Welcome to the world of Nourish, where we've turned the hospital tray into a pathway for taking bold climate action, supporting health equity, and building community resilience. 

Join us in advancing our mission in 2024 and beyond. Your donation will accelerate our efforts to change the future of food in health care. Nourish convenes health care organizations to focus on upstream solutions that take preventative approaches to improve patient and planetary well-being. 

Through Nourish's Food is Our Medicine offerings, we provide guidance and spaces for shared learning to weave Indigenous foodways into health care. In response to the climate emergency, Nourish's Planetary Health Menus also offers multiple tools and resources for health care facilities to reduce greenhouse emissions. Check out our 2023 Impact Report here.