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Support Art Education for Nova Scotians


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Support Art Education for Nova Scotians

Do you believe in the creativity of Nova Scotians? Help an aspiring Nova Scotian art student to pursue their passion in any art discipline such as music, theatre, dance, visual arts, film/new media, or literary arts.

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust (NSTT) is a registered charity that provides scholarships and special awards to Nova Scotians who demonstrate exceptional potential and commitment to become professional artists in their chosen fields.

Thank you so much for your continued support! I am very excited to advance my studies this summer at Transformation Danse. My past experience with the program was extremely rewarding, bringing me to a new place in my artistic development, and my participation this year really wouldn’t be possible without the help of the Talent Trust! I am very grateful for the opportunities facilitated through your scholarship.

Aliah Schwartz, choreography and dance

Financials: The Talent Trust awards annually $80,000 in scholarships and around $30,000 through 14 special awards. In 2012 the NSTT received a $200,000 donation through the 2011 Canada Games Fund. This money is dedicated to two named awards in the amount of $10,000 each until 2022. Since 2013 the NSTT shows a deficit of almost $20,000 because of these awards. You can find our audited financial statements for 2017-18 at