NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents)

Registered Name: NSTEP

Business Number: 817942949RR0001

Children-healthy habits 4 LIFE

NSTEP is creating a wave of health across Canada by educating the children of today to be the health champions of tomosrrow. 

NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents), is a not for profit registered charity providing hands-on nutrition and physical activity programs directly into the classrooms, community centers, afterschool programming  in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Healthy habits for kids for life so children do NOT suffer from chronic disease associated with being overweight.   Our programs work directly with children, youth in both school and community settings, to inspire teachers, students and parents to make small simple changes for lifelong health benefits.

Since Jan. 2010-June 30 2019 

  1. 42,892 children and youth educated in school programs
  2. 8,849 children and youth in Chef on NSTEP since 2015
  3. TOTAL=51,741 But the number is higher- we see each student a minimum of 5 times and each teacher 8 times during the full year programs. This is how we build a deep cultural shift, small changes, cumulatively give big results.

NSTEP has 4 areas of programming:

  1. School Programs-we take NSTEP to where children live, learn and work.
  2. . Community Programs-using school staff rooms, recreation facilities for Chef on NSTEP.
  3. Employee Wellness
  4. NSTEP Certificate Program-knowledge transfer of NSTEP programs to organizations who work with children and youth, as well as post secondary institutions primarily Faculty of Education, Nursing, Nutrition.

It costs $24.00 per student for the full year elementary program, $15.00 for NSTEP Teen Brain for Junior Senior High.

We greatly appreciate your support of NSTEP. Educating today's children, tomorrow's adults for healthy habits 4 LIFE!


What People Are Saying

"The 'NSTEP program is precisely what the education system needs in order to effectively promote healthy living to our youth, and invoke change in the value systems of a generation whose health has been negatively affected by the electronics era. "

— Stacey Laing- University of Alberta Practicum Supervisor

"What I liked about [‘NSTEP] was it tied into what I was doing... I was amazed by how many students hadn’t tried certain fruits. Once they try it, it really works. I think it supported what I try to do in the classroom...I was really happy because it supported what we’re doing."

— Franca Scali-Kindergarten Teacher

"This morning when visiting classrooms I asked if participation is the 'NSTEP programme helped them decide what to eat for breakfast as well as lunches and snacks they brought...The answer was a resounding YES"

— Kelly Kozack-Principal

"Our staff has enjoyed this programme and the presenters are lively and engaging. I saw students attentive during the presentations and eager to hear more. We have already begun to see great improvement in the types of foods being brought for lunches. "

— Marian McDermott-Principal

"We strongly recommend and school that has the opportunity to have the 'NSTEP program in their school do so. 'NSTEP provides very valuable information about healthy eating and exercise to the whole school community."

— Elsie Bertholm-Principal

"One particular student, he stopped bringing the processed sugary foods, and he became really excited about fruit. He was definitely affected by too much sugar. He’s into healthy eating now. That’s exciting."

— Franca Scali-Kindergarten Teacher

"Last month 4 Calgary Hitmen came to James Whelan School [with 'NSTEP]...My grandson Cooper called me the next day and said they came and talked about healthy eating, exercise, and how important decisions you make today affect your life. They left a great impression on Cooper."

— Ed Rogalsky-grandparent

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