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About This Charity

Our Mission

To enhance the ability to learn by ensuring that each student attends school well nourished.

About Our Charity

Nutrition for Learning has been a registered charitable organization since 1997. We support community based nutrition programs committed to improving the learning capacity, health and well being of children and youth in Waterloo Region.

Research has proven that students coming to school hungry don’t perform well in the classroom, have difficulty concentrating, display behavioural problems, are less alert and are often lethargic. Our programs impact the physical, cognitive, behavioural and academic needs of children and youth in Waterloo Region.

In 20114-2015, Nutrition for Learning will support 145 programs which will provide proper nutrition for 14,000 children daily throughout the year in Waterloo Region.

We invite you to directly impact the future of children and youth in Waterloo Region.

What People Are Saying

"Life is divided into three parts. We Learn, Earn, Return. The smiles I get from the kids and teachers at are worth a fortune. I know that I am helping these students to a better life in their health and studies. "

— Volunteer