NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group


Business Number: 860325471RR0001

The mandate of the NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group (the Action Group) is to increase breast health awareness, and services, information and support for people who experience breast cancer. in the Northwest Territories.  We began as a working group in 1996 and have been a registered charity and non-profit society since 2004. The Action Group has an active volunteer board of 12 women and a small donated office in Yellowknife.

Our recent projects to raise breast health awareness include: the Breast Health and Healthy Living workshop kit and awareness materials that are used by frontline health workers in all NWT communities; training for CHRs to facilitate the workshop; and the recently updated Caring For Yourself breast health booklet.  We also do a regular newsletter with information about breast cancer and healthy living. 

To support people affected by breast cancer we have held an NWT breast cancer survivors retreat almost every year since 2000, funding permitting.  We provide our Patient Information Kit to Stanton Territorial Hospital to be given to every newly diagnosed breast cancer patient.  We have piloted and facilitated the Art of Healing program for breast/other cancer survivors.  With four NWT survivors we produced the video Breast Cancer:  Northern Women Share Their Journeys  Our current Living the Journey demonstration project in Fort Good Hope and Fort Smith is piloting survivor care plans and trained community supports in order to increase wellness and quality of life for people living with cancer. In 2016 we started a cancer peer support group for women in Yellowknife and we will also deliver breast cancer peer support training for women from across the NWT in February 2017. We maintain a website and Facebook page of information and resources.

All these projects and programs depend on obtaining funding from other sources.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in the NWT and we CAN make a difference right here.  Help us help cancer patients.

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