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Sponsor a Grandmother Home Program in southwest Uganda

Registered Name: Nyaka Canada

Business No: 785719543RR0001

Sponsor a Grandmother Home Program in southwest Uganda

Grandparents are our links to the past and guides to the future. Stepping into the role of primary caregiver for a second time to orphaned and vulnerable children means that these children have an opportunity to grow and thrive in a family based setting.

Nyaka Canada is proud to be partnering with the Nyaka AIDS  Orphans Project (NAOP) in southwest Uganda who  remain committed to ensuring that orphaned and vulnerable children are settled within families and works to support grandmothers to provide for these dependent grandchildren. 

Utilizing community decision-making processes, Grandmother group leaders work with their members to identify vulnerable Grandmother caregivers in need of new homes thereby ensuring Grandmother caregivers and their grandchildren have structurally sound shelter.

YOU can be a part of the movement to provide adequate shelter today by joining hands with Nyaka Canada and help us reach our goal of raising funds to provide sponsorship for 13 grandmother home projects in Kanungu and Rukungiri districts with a one-time donation or make a smaller custom amount towards this effort. Every contribution helps!

$ 1,995 provides a Grandmother family with an improved home set up (house, kitchen, & pit latrine)

$ 1,100 provides a newly constructed two-bedroom tin roofed house to ensure that the family is well protected from the elements

$ 465 provides a new smokeless kitchen

$ 430 provides a safe and hygienic pit latrine