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Spreading Good Energy

Oak Bay Rotary Foundation is soliciting endowment donations to grow Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship. This scholarship is intended to serve as inspiration and motivation for students of First Nations, Inuit and Métis descent who pursue post-secondary education upon graduation from Oak Bay High School.

Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship commemorates and celebrates the success of Sno'uyutth Welcome Pole. Sno’uyutth Welcome Pole was initiated and completed by the Community Association of Oak Bay with assistance from Oak Bay Rotary Foundation to celebrate and commemorate the opening of the new Oak Bay High School. Dedicated in front of a crowd of several hundred guests on November 22, 2015, Sno’uyutth Welcome Pole was a successful community fundraising project that was supported by local businesses, organizations and individuals.

On December 12, 2015, Oak Bay Rotary Foundation partnered with Joseph Blake and Joe Coughlin to present Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Event in Dave Dunnet Community Theatre at Oak Bay High School. The event produced an initial endowment surplus of $8,300. Subsequently, the Foundation received endowment donations of $8,203 including $7,000 from the Community Association of Oak Bay for a total of $16,503.

For 2016, Oak Bay Rotary Foundation approved a scholarship payment of $500 and announced that the annual scholarship payment would rise to $1,000 as soon as the endowment surplus reached $25,000. In early 2017, the Foundation invited the Community Association of Oak Bay, Oak Bay High School Alumni Association, Oak Bay News, and Scotiabank Oak Bay to join it to administer Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship. For 2017 to 2019, the Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship Partners have agreed to increase the annual scholarship payment to $1,000.

Ellery Kirkland was the 2016 Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Winner. Ellery is currently studying at Vancouver Island University. Alex Ross was the 2017 Sno’uyutth Legacy Scholarship Winner. Alex recently commenced his post-secondary studies at University of Victoria.

On November 23, 2017, Oak Bay Rotary Foundation partnered with Joseph Blake and Joe Coughlin again to present a BENEFIT CONCERT to support Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship. As of June 30, 2018, the Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship has grown to $25,280.

Individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations may support  Sno'uyutth Legacy Scholarship with charitable donations. Every dollar donated will increase the endowment fund and support this scholarship. Donors may donate online here or by delivering payment (cash or cheque) to Oak Bay Rotary Foundation at #207B-2187 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1G1. Donors making online donations may choose either one-time or monthly payments of any amount. Online charitable donation receipts will be processed and issued by CanadaHelps.