Oak Table Inc.

Registered Name: Oak Table Inc.

Business Number: 748152295RR0001

Oak Table Inc., in Winnipeg, provides a community of compassion and hope, a caring place for those who are homeless, income insecure, on social assistance, living with mental health issues and physical disabilities, as well as people with addictions or going through difficult life transitions.

Monday to Thursday, 90-150 people attend Oak Table. Most come for their only substantial meal of the day, to feel part of a community, to share in conversation, to tell their story, and to be treated with respect. For many, Oak Table is their one place to belong.  

Osborne Village, where the Oak Table is situated has the highest density of income insecure people in Canada. Oak Table Inc. provides those in need with a reprieve from these difficult issues. We provide hygiene and clothing items, a caring team of listeners, access to newspapers, haircuts, telephones, computers and email, referral and advocacy support. Other programs include Art, access to nursing supports, haircuts and foot care, 'Luminosity', and seasonal celebrations.

Those who are isolated, under-served, and under-loved feel part of a community at Oak Table.

What People Are Saying

"At the Oak Table I'm not seen as poor, I'm seen as a person who is creative and smart. I like coming here. I take part in the art program and the computer program called Lumosity. Both of these things make me feel better about myself. "

— an Oak Table guest

"The art program has changed my life around for the better. It is my major form of occupation and gives me something to brag about."

— Michael, an Oak Table guest

"I spend most of my cheque on rent, and I don't have enough left over for food. Oak Table provides me with a hot lunch which helps me keep my apartment. I have anxiety issues and need a quiet, safe place to live. Here, I am treated with respect and I don't feel so overwhelmed."

— Cal, an Oak Table guest

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