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Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2020

Oakville Meals on Wheels, an organization providing healthy meals and social connections for the Oakville community, is pleased to announce the official launch of its new fundraising campaign “Time for New Wheels.” In addition to individuals, Oakville Meals on Wheels invites local organizations, establishments, employees and sports teams to support a cause that for 43 years has been providing nutritious meals to seniors and other residents of Oakville needing assistance. The organization hopes to raise $100,000—and beyond—which will ensure that those who wish to continue living independently in their own homes have access to its invaluable services.


“We are excited to begin this new journey and welcome the challenges of building our fundraising base with a new campaign,” says Bob Griesbach, Chair, Board of Directors, Oakville Meals on Wheels. “With gratitude for past financial contributions and support, we are boldly choosing to forge a new fundraising path, which will enable us to continue our mission to support everyone who needs us for short- or long-term needs for healthy meals.”


Particularly as Canada faces a population shift, where it is predicted that by 2030 one in four residents will be a senior citizen compared to one in seven in 2012, programs such as Oakville Meals on Wheels are essential to ensure both the well-being of seniors and Canada's future prosperity. Part of that is helping them live independently, stay healthy and remain active. Since 1943, when the concept of meals on wheels was introduced in the United Kingdom, it has become widely known in other countries including Ireland, Australia, America, and Canada as an invaluable home-delivered meal program for individuals who are unable to purchase and/or prepare their own meals. But it is so much more than that. Globally, studies show that home-delivered meal programs significantly improve diet quality, increase nutrient intakes, reduce food insecurity and improve quality-of-life among the recipients. The programs also reduce government expenditures by reducing the need for recipients to use hospitals, long-term care homes or other expensive community-based services.


In the case of Oakville Meals on Wheels, from its humble roots in 1976, the organization has grown into a community mainstay delivering fresh, nutritious, and delicious mid-day meals to adults of all ages and from all walks of life who struggle to meet a basic human need. In four decades of operations, Oakville Meals on Wheels has delivered more than 934,000 fresh and locally prepared lunches and important well-being checks that give families and caregivers peace of mind. Serving as a critical touch-point, its volunteers—the organization’s driving force—never leave a door unanswered and follow up if there are any concerns, whether it is a resident’s thermostat that isn’t working in the cold of winter or alerting family that their loved one’s health is deteriorating. Moving forward, its new campaign includes three additional targeted sub-campaigns:


  • “Will Work for Food” invites corporations and employees to raise funds for Oakville Meals on Wheels
  • “Game On” invites amateur and professional sports teams to play for Oakville Meals on Wheels
  • “From Our Table to Yours” invites local restaurants and customers to contribute to Oakville Meals on Wheels


“Across Canada and throughout North America, major corporations and small businesses alike are taking cues from compassionate individuals and progressive nonprofit organizations to redefine the purpose of a company by not only focusing on shareholder value but also committing to sustainability and solving pressing societal challenges,” adds Bob Griesbach. “With a strong group of volunteers, a small dedicated staff, and a steadfast commitment to continue our weekday delivery of hot, fresh lunches, we invite everyone to take this journey with us into a new future.”


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About Oakville Meals on Wheels

Since 1976, Oakville Meals on Wheels has delivered nutritious meals to residents of Oakville who are unable to attend to their own nutritional needs but wish to continue living independently in their community. In its 43 years of operation, Oakville Meals on Wheels and its team of volunteers have delivered more than 934,000 meals to residents. A United Way supported agency, Oakville Meals on Wheels – which serves more than 300 individuals and delivers approximately 2,100 meals per month – also provides its clients with the positive benefits of social contact, security and increased independence.


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