O'Brien Farm Foundation

Registered Name: O'Brien Farm Foundation Incorporated

Business Number: 811110089RR0001


To foster a stunning new attraction in St. Johns called Alys Way.

Aloysius OBrien (Aly) had a way with nature. He worked to preserve it, beautify it, and gently ensure it served human needs.

Volunteers with the OBrien Farm Foundation have united to maintain this legacy.

We are working now to preserve, manage and interpret the historic OBrien Farm for the citizens of St. Johns and those who visit from outside the city.

Our aim is to make it an active, working farm where the public can learn in a hands-on way about sustainable agriculture, as well as the farming history and Irish settlement of St. Johns.

The Farm will forge a central place in the community with a wide range of community partnerships. 



The OBrien Farm Foundation will manage the 32-acre historic OBrien Farm to preserve and promote the Farms' cultural and land resources for future generations. 

The Foundation will create programming that educates the public, especially our youth, about the importance of preserving green spaces to maintain our contact with nature.

It will work with other groups that promote local food security, organic gardening, sustainable land practices, with an emphasis on the history of farming and its strong ties to the Irish settlement in St. Johns.



 1. To implement the OBrien Farm Master Plan, but remain open to new ideas and uses that may grow with the project.

 2. To develop and implement an effective fundraising strategy for the development and self-sustaining financial operation of Alys Way, which includes restoring the historic Thimble Cottage for visitors, the rebuilding and repurposing of the barn, the dairy, and other outbuildings.

 3. To develop and implement educational and interpretive programs, with a special emphasis on youth and the disadvantaged.

 4. To develop and implement suitable protocols for the careful stewardship and financial sustainability of the 32-acre property now called Alys Way”. 

 5. To develop and maintain strong mutually-beneficial partnerships for the operation and management of Alys Way, and to create a strong sense of community ownership.

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