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Thimble Cottage Restoration

Registered Name: O'Brien Farm Foundation Incorporated

Business No: 811110089RR0001

Thimble Cottage Restoration
St. John’s is losing green space at a rapid rate!
From his farm atop Mount Scio, Aloysius (Aly) O’Brien watched in dismay. As development crept closer to the farm, he strived to do something about it.
By the time he died, at the age of 93, the wheels had been set in motion to  ensure the farm's 32-acres of green space was left for citizens to enjoy.  
Please help volunteers with the O’Brien Farm Foundation realize Aly’s dream.
We have started to restore the family home, "Thimble Cottage," and intend to present visitors with a unique experience evoking the city’s farming and Irish heritage.
In the short term we need $100,000 to complete the restoration.
Our long term goal is to create infrastructure and programming that will make the entire site, which we are calling “Aly’s Way,” financially self-sustaining.
Please help us to realize Aly’s Dream with a generous donation today.