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OCD Canada

Registered Name: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Canada

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OCD Canada


We understand what you are going through - we get it cause we got it.

Everyone at OCD Canada has firsthand experience managing OCD and appreciates and understands how difficult it is to battle this disorder alone.

So many people with OCD feel like they don't have a life. OCD Canada helps people with OCD get and live a fulfilling life. Sharing your story with others, and reading or hearing their stories, provides hope and strength. You can join one of our OCD Downtown Self-Help Support Groups and schedule one-on-one meetings with a therapist who has OCD.

Whether you have OCD or are a family member, friend or health professional, OCD Canada can educate you on the signs and symptoms, how we can help you and your support system(s) to work with various treatments and therapies which are often vital to manage OCD.

Managing OCD isn’t the easiest thing to do – but it is most certainly possible.

OCD Canada is entirely self-funded. We have received our charitable status as a nonprofit organization. OCD Canada will launch more services and programs over time, and form more partnerships to help people with OCD, their families and friends.

Don't forget - We understand what you are going through. We get it cause we got it.




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