OCD Canada

Registered Name: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Canada

Business Number: 768196727RR0001


We would like to provide education for people who have and/or are supporting someone with an anxiety disorder.  These educational programs can include:

  • Providing Education for parents and teachers
  • Educating those that support those with an anxiety disorder
  • Creating another special support group for the younger generations
  • Visiting community centers
  • Providing Training for therapists and physicians through our medical connections at the University of Toronto, Toronto hospitals and the Canadian Medical Association
  • Having presentations at junior and high schools to bring awareness and where to get help
  • Visiting hospitals where people are patients with these disorders to help them understand and help their hospital caregivers
  • Showing how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Exposure Therapy can help these people learn a way to at least cope with their disorder and to see that they are not alone
  • Appear on radio and T.V. programs to discuss these disorders and the lack of help available especially for the younger generations who at times feel alone