Oceana Canada

Registered Name: Oceana Canada

Business Number: 821618139RR0001

Oceana Canada was established as an independent charity in 2015 and is part of the largest international advocacy group dedicated solely to ocean conservation. Canada has the world’s longest coastline in the world, with an ocean surface of 7.1 million square kilometres, or 70 per cent of its landmass. We believe that Canada has a national and global obligation to manage our natural resources responsibly and help ensure a sustainable source of protein for the world’s growing population.

Oceana Canada has successfully campaigned to end the shark fin trade, make rebuilding depleted fish populations the law, improve the way fisheries are managed and protect marine habitat. We work with civil society, academics, fishers, Indigenous Peoples and the federal government to return Canada’s formerly vibrant oceans to health and abundance. By restoring Canada’s oceans, we can strengthen our communities, reap greater economic and nutritional benefits and protect our future.

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What People Are Saying

"Our oceans can, if we invest in them and manage them properly, help take care of us. It’s a simple equation: Save the oceans, feed the world."

— Josh Laughren, Executive Director, Oceana Canada, Read More

"When I look beneath the waves, I see a world we all depend on"

— Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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