Ottawa Community Housing Foundation

Registered Name: OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities/Fondation LCO pour des communautés saines

Business Number: 816590483RR0001

Our vision

The Ottawa Community Housing Foundation increases awareness about the socio-economic barriers that tenants living in Ottawa Community Housing face daily.

Our values

Accessibility – Support programs boost self-esteem and build confidence, opening opportunities for all residents of Ottawa to achieve personal success. Tenants living in OCH communities deserve the same access to these programs as anyone else in the city.

Partnerships – The OCH Foundation is not in the business of re-inventing the wheel. We are about collaboration and connections. We are about finding the right people and convening the right services to pave the right pathways to these programs.

Diversity – OCH communities are beautifully diverse. This diversity makes our neighbourhoods unique and bolsters the strength of our city’s social fabric.

Leadership – Leadership breeds leadership. We’ve seen it happen amongst family members. We’ve witnessed it in schools. We’ve seen its impact in OCH communities. Encouraging leadership and instilling the vital skills linked to making change can translate into a culture of sustainability.

Success – At the end of the day, it is all about what an individual achieves and what a community accomplishes. This is what matters to us. We know that this is what matters to you. And, this is what truly matters to the tenants we inspire every day.

What People Are Saying

"Working with just one Coordinator who is understanding of my needs and my child’s needs makes accessing recreation easier. recLINK gives me dignity. I don’t feel like I’m begging."

— Lisa, Read More

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