Ottawa Community Housing Foundation

Registered Name: OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities/Fondation LCO pour des communautés saines

Business Number: 816590483RR0001

The OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities model brings together key stakeholders and community leaders to identify and address numerous issues affecting the overall well- being of our community. Our aim is to create a meaningful and equitable future, to affect positive change for our community, and empower, inspire and equip OCH tenants to build thriving communities for themselves, their families and their neighbors.

Here's what we know:

➔ the need is growing - the pace at which residents enter poverty and the depth of the poverty experienced are both increasing

➔ the percent and number of children who are low income in Ottawa has increased from 16.8% in 2005 to 17.1 % in 2015 (Statistics Canada, 2017)

➔ Youth unemployment in Ottawa in 2018 was 18% compared to 7.2% of the general population, with even higher rates among diverse social groups of youth such as immigrant (23.8%) and Indigenous youth (19.9%) (Ottawa Community Well Being Report - Social Planning Council of Ottawa, 2018)

The OCH Foundation is set up to ensure that tenants living in OCH communities have the same access to programs and opportunities as anyone else in the city, regardless of the barriers they face. The OCH Foundation channels fundamental resources into its 3 key focus areas:


Seeds to Success


  • Connects young people to social recreation programs at no cost to families
  • Engages community partners to address systemic barriers to participation

Youth Futures

  • Supports unemployed and under-served youth to succeed in post-secondary education and the work force through advanced leadership training, mentor- ship, a variety of employment positions and post-secondary

Pack a Sack

  • Equips students with the necessary tools they need for a successful school year and beyond
  • Alleviates the financial burden for families and “levels the playing field” for their children

Educational Bursaries

  • Provides financial assistance to students pursuing post-secondary education
  • Supports any cost directly associated (tuition, books, transportation, childcare, equipment, living expenses)

The OCH Foundation's unique position allows for an understanding of the complexity of vulnerable populations in housing, and the needs and supports that create lasting change.

What People Are Saying

"Working with just one Coordinator who is understanding of my needs and my child’s needs makes accessing recreation easier. recLINK gives me dignity. I don’t feel like I’m begging."

— Lisa, Read More

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