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Registered Name: O.E.I. Onsite Education Inc.

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O.E.I. Onsite Education Inc. is an educational charity that specializes in memorable experiences that bring knowledge to life! Through both of their amazing programmes schools, camps, community groups and seniors facilities across Ontario (with plans to expand throughout the country) have benefited immensely. 

Their mission is to enhance the Ministry of Education curriculum through onsite, interactive, hands-on, customized workshops. These workshops are conducted at both the elementary and secondary school levels but they also offer programming for camps, community groups and seniors homes. 

A bit about each programme: 

The Canadian Improv Showcase is Canada's best short-form improv troupe. They employ some of the brightest acting talent in all of Canada. They offer a wide range of arts based programming and performances that enhance the curriculum as well as provide the following benefits:
• Increased self-esteem and self confidence
• Greater risk taking and creative thinking
• Better resilience, teamwork and listening skills
• Enhanced leadership skills, concentration and focus
• Strengthened interpersonal and presentation skills
• Elevated respect for self and others
Their programming is guided by not only trained professional actors, but also a retired elementary teacher with over 31 years classroom experience and a retired high school drama teacher with over 25 years classroom experience. The group started well before the charitable corporation was created and during their over 20 years of performing they have been a part of over 800 performances worldwide and visited more than 400 schools across Ontario. For more information on this programme visit: www.canadianimprovshowcase.com

The Knights in the Classroom is where the curriculum comes alive! This programme focuses on historical workshops that give participants the opportunity to explore history in hands-on, authentic and memorable ways. They offer programming for both elementary and secondary schools as well as camps, community groups and seniors facilities. Their amazing programmes provide participants with real historical experiences such as:
• Modern Olympic Sport Fencing
• Archery and Siege Weapons (including custom made catapult)
• Historical Martial Arts Demonstrations
• Ancient Sports & Games
• Historical Dance
• Watercolour Painting
• Hands-On Historical Artefacts 
• Drumming
• Roman Shield Formations and much more! 
They offer half and full-day programming and have visited more than 200 schools across Ontario. The instructors who conduct their workshops are specialists in their field including a retired elementary school teacher with more than 31 years of in classroom experience and a retired high school teacher with 25 years of classroom experience. For more information on this programme please visit: www.knightsintheclassroom.com

What People Are Saying

"Knights in the Classroom is fabulous! It is the perfect combination of fun and educational. They are knowledgeable and willing to work with you to create a program that is the best fit and they come to you! My students loved it, the teachers loved it, the parents loved it - Awesome program!"

— Natalee Clarkson, The Maples Academy, Read More

"A fabulous day for our grades one to eight students! The level of engagement of the kids was full throttle right from the opening segment. As a teacher, it was nice to step back and see students from a different perspective, many of whom I would never have guessed would volunteer to do improv. "

— Susan Vuylsteke, St John French Immersion, Read More

"We have had Knights in the Classroom for the past 6 years and will continue to have them. They never do the same workshop twice the same way. They always improve and change activities according to the change in curriculum and feedback. Well done!"

— Sanna Bnaity- Eid, Parkfield J.P.S., Read More

"The Canadian Improv Showcase provided our students with a very exciting & worthwhile program. They were very flexible and cooperative especially when dealing with the winter conditions. I would recommend their program to any school looking to incorporate drama into the school’s programming."

— Cathy Lethbridge, Byng Public School, Read More

"We had an excellent time when Knights in the Classroom came to us. Myself and students especially enjoyed the hands on activities. The instructors were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable! Great job! Follow up activities are great! Thanks again for all that you do!"

— Krista-Lee Hibbert, Tecumseth-Beeton P.S. , Read More

"They helped me realize the significance of reaching the students through drama."

— James Miller, Bogart Public School, Read More

"The Knights in the Classroom brought the curriculum to life for our students. They enjoyed the interactive workshops and spoke about the experience for weeks following our festival."

— Anonymous Teacher Feedback Survey Response, Read More

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