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About This Charity

Our Mission

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is comprised of life-long members who have committed to the camaraderie of collective artistic effort. It aspires to be world class in innovation, technique, and originality of imagination. We believe that art is wonderful when it inspires, when it is born of exuberance, when it is delightfully superfluous to our lives. We strive for the authentic and the sublime: some day, when we are grizzled and ancient, we will finally make the perfect puppet show.

Our Mission:

To promote and present puppet theatre, sculpture, and conventional theatre and to provide education in these areas.

To tour our productions Nationally and Internationally

To facilitate collaborative production of puppet shows, sculpture, theatre and other related art.

To provide a facility that encourages varied and eclectic artistic endeavours.

About Our Charity

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is part of an international renaissance of object theatre. It is nourished by the belief that puppetry as an art form is only beginning to reach its potential. New ideas, new ways of making theatre, and new ways of being an audience are our inspiration. At the same time, it draws from all-but forgotten origins, to seek the root of puppet theatre, to understand the principles of our mysterious human instinct to make objects move, and the alchemical process of imbued consciousness. The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is founded with the timorous desire to make theatre that is beautiful.