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Olds & District Hospice Society

Registered Name: Olds & District Hospice Society

Business No: 835177403RR0001

Helping people live by providing quality, compassionate care for those facing chronic illness, loss of a loved one or at end-of-life.

Olds & District Hospice Society


"Helping people live before they die"

The Olds & District Hospice Society's Mission is to provide quality, compassionate care in a home like setting for those facing death by offering physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and educational support to individuals, their families and community at the end of life and during bereavement.

1.  Contact base

The Olds & District Hospice Society is a point of contact. We can meet where  is convenient for you or in our office. Telephone calls are answered within 24 hours.

2.  Information Base

Navigating through the health care system can be exhausting. Who do I look to? Where do I find help? What is going to happen next?         We can help!

3.  Volunteer Support

Olds & District Hospice Society offers trained volunteers: * for respite care * for support in home or facility * to assist with transportation * to run errands * for companionship * to be whatever you need us to be

4.  Bereavement Support

O&DHS provides individual and group support.

5.  Communication and Advocacy

* for individuals and their families and friends; journeying with them in whatever support they need,* supporting other communities launching similar initiatives,* maintaining regular contact with many levls of government to partner in “sharing the care”.

6.  The Suites

Our suites provide the option for people facing a palliative journey to remain in our community in a home-like setting when staying in their own home is not an option. Located in an assisted living facility in Olds, these suites are offered for respite or to end of life.

6.  Nav- Care

Nav-CARE is a new, free program designed to compliment existing home and community care and bring your patients the extra support they need. Our specially trained volunteers, work with those living with serious illness to access resources and services in the community while providing companionship and emotional support.


5138 Silvethorn Rd

Olds, AB, T4H 1B1

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