Business Number: 880027016RR0001

Our Mission

Reviving our Culture & Traditions.

Our Mission is to revitalize, reintegrate, enhance and protect the cultural traditions, customs, practices, heritage, language, and arts of the Algonquin Nation.

Our Logo includes the sun which nourishes the earth and all living things, representing revitalization, an Eagle, who carries itself in a dignified manner, without hesitation or effort, representing our ability to enhance and sustain our Traditional way of life; the Bear which reflects the logo of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation, and the wigwams which represent our community, their open doors indicating our “warm welcome;” their deep roots, our potential for the re-growth of our Traditional Ways.

About OMAMIWININI PIMADJWOWIN (Algonquin Way of Life)

Omàmiwinini Pimàdjwowin (which means Algonquin Way of Life) is a Non-Profit Corporation and a Registered Charity that was established in 2002, through consultation with the First Nation membership and agreement with the Council of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn, as a way to meet the community’s needs for restoring our Cultural Traditions. Our first order of business is to raise funds to build a new Cultural Centre which will be a place to house our Ceremonies & Teachings.

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