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One More Candle, Inc.

Registered Name: ONE MORE CANDLE, INC.

Business No: 746597491RR0001

One More Candle asks that each of 1.5 million children murdered in the Holocaust (Shoah) is remembered. Memory is G-d's greatest gift

One More Candle, Inc.


One More Candle offers you the opportunity to adopt the memory of a child whose life was cut short by hubris and deep seated human evil.

The opportunity to give honor to memory shadows and the recognition of lives lived with joy and happiness which were torn from their futures, is what One More Candle is all about. Our aim is to also include awareness of the present and the horrors children are still experiencing in many parts of the world.

One More Candle is committed to remembering every one of the 1.5 million children murdered in the Shoah (Holocaust).

L’dor v’dor.From generation to generation.

Simply stated, One More Candle needs you to adopt a memory, a child to honor as though having been one of your own family.


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