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Affordable early childhood learning is life changing for 1 - 6 year-olds in Entumbil Ghana. Started with 11 we serve 80 kids now. Help Us.

One Step Learning (OSL) Daycare




John and Celestina are originally from Entumbil, Ghana, an impoverished rural town two hours drive from the capital Accra. They moved to Canada 41 years ago wanting to explore opportunities that would be available to establish better lives for themselves and their children. Through three children, and later eight grandchildren, they experienced firsthand the benefits of early childhood learning and daycare services offered in their new homes of Calgary, Edmonton, and Canada. So, in 2018 they donated a building and space they owned in Entumbil for early childhood learning for the next 30 years. The cause for the philanthropic giving is Making Early Childhood Learning Affordable in the rural community. Initial expectation of 32 has now soared to 80 children being served.

Early childhood literacy is a global priority for development as cited in numerous UNICEF needs assessment studies, and referenced in the Concept Proposal posted on every page of OSL website In 2019 a grassroots non-profit organization One Step learning Opportunities Centre (OSL) was incorporated in Alberta. OSL became a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity in 2020. OSL Centre is managed and controlled in Edmonton, Alberta. OSL is a grassroots non-profit organization that provides services to Canadian donors in our communities to help impoverished children.

After a challenging but successful planning phase during the COVID pandemic, the grassroots early childhood learning daycare program launched in October 2021 in Entumbil Ghana. The program has launched, and it is in its implementation phase now, projecting to reach the stabilization phase in 2025.

What OSL needs?

Some $162,000 is needed during implementation to cover educational operations, digital capabilities, and a playground. The funds are required to implement the Strategy Framework and Projects over the next 24 months to December 31, 2024. The funds will support the shared 20% costs paid by parents, and take OSL to the stabilization phase in 2025, and sustain the grassroots program for 25 years to come. [See OSL Strategy Framework and Projects available that you could support ].


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