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Students who get a poor start in reading rarely catch up. Struggling with learning to read can be emotionally and mentally exhausting for children. It affects nearly every aspect of their school experience, from academics, to relationships with peers, to feelings of self worth.

For over 25 years, volunteer tutors at ONE TO ONE Literacy Society have helped children develop literacy skills for success in school.  Struggling students receive focused time and attention from a caring, patient volunteer, with the training and commitment to help them achieve reading success.

But our impact extends beyond the classroom. ONE TO ONE helps children discover joyful reading, and ignites in children a renewed sense of self-confidence. We help children develop literacy skills for success in life. 

The ONE TO ONE program is available at no cost to schools or students. We are entirely funded through generous donors, like you. Your gift to ONE TO ONE will allow us to answer the call of those schools who want to introduce ONE TO ONE to their students. It will allow us to strengthen our support to our corps of dedicated volunteers. It will allow us to deepen our commitment to literacy support in your community. Your gift will help struggling readers develop literacy skills for success in school, and in life.

What People Are Saying

"What these volunteers do for our at risk students is nothing short of amazing. These students need individualized attention, skills reinforced and confidence improved. The volunteers are able to achieve this over the course of time they work with the students."

— Classroom teacher

"I practice at home and at school. I can read books now with harder words and longer books that are 350 pages"

— ONE TO ONE student

"The volunteers that have been at our school have been a ray of sunshine! The students are very happy to work with our ONE TO ONE volunteers. It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for all."

— Classroom teacher

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