One Girl Can

Registered Name: One Girl Can Society

Business Number: 825149834RR0001

One Girl Can's mission is to empower girls through education to break the cycle of poverty and gender imbalance in sub-Saharan Africa. Our holistic business model supports a girl from the time she leaves primary school, until the day she gains meaningful employment.


We focus on building and rehabilitating schools for girls in rural Kenya and Uganda, and are committed to long-term partnerships that ensure the school’s infrastructure will continue to support their growth and maintain a dynamic learning environment.


We provide high school and university scholarships for girls with the greatest need and potential. Our scholarship program started in 2013 with just 2 girls. Today we have over 350. Our goal is to reach 1000 by 2025.


One Girl Can mentors, coaches and provides workshops for every girl in our 7 schools and all of our university students. We teach goal-setting, confidence building, strategic thinking, and career planning. This motivates, empowers and equips girls with the tools they'll need to become successful quickly.

Poverty can only be alleviated and gender parity achieved when women begin to assume positions of leadership in the community, in business, in health care and in politics. Over the next 10 years, our goal is to have a thousand skilled and competent young women graduate from university on One Girl Can scholarships and begin to embark on careers in a diverse array of professions, from IT and nursing to civil engineering and business management. From our secondary scholarship program we will have cultivated hundreds of determined and confident girls capable of critical decision-making and independent thinking. All of them will challenge the cultural norms that hold a society back from modernizing.

Since 2008 we have invested in 6 select schools in Kenya and Uganda by building badly needed classrooms, science labs, dormitories, washrooms and libraries. In 2013, we began offering scholarships for the girls in these schools, and today, we have provided more than 280 high school scholarships for girls raised in extreme poverty, and 69 university scholarships for girls graduating from these schools. 

The impact of educating girls in underdeveloped countries is immediate. These girls will help lift their families out of poverty and begin to shift the needle on economic growth as well as gender imbalance and injustice towards women, an issue that is so prevalent in the developing world.

100% of your donation to One Girl Can goes directly to the scholarships and building projects in Africa. All administrative, salary and marketing costs are donated by the founder's business so that you can feel good about knowing that your donation is working hard towards creating change.

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