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One Straw Society

Registered Name: One Straw Society

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One Straw Society


We’re a registered Canadian Charity, building a strong, resilient, sustainable food system that feeds us today and 7 generations from today.


The United Nations has been sounding the alarm on global food security. Climate change, pandemics, social unrest, and soaring inflation have sent shockwaves through our food systems.

Here in Southwestern Canada, droughts shut off the taps, land and labour costs skyrocket, and food bank lineups continue to grow. Feeding our families is becoming more and more dependent on a precarious and destructive global supply chain from across the planet. 

But... An inspiring movement is happening, and local farms are producing some of the most ethical, beautiful and nutritious food in the world. We just need more of it.

So we're launching innovative projects like Food Hubs, Farm Commons, shared kitchens, and Tool Libraries, and we're working on collaborations, food policy, distribution chains, and knowledge-sharing.

Our vision is not just about feeding people today. It's about feeding generations from today.

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