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The Ontario Archaeological Society is a registered charitable organization that promotes the ethical practice of archaeology in the Province of Ontario and beyond. We believe that Ontario's archaeological heritage is a vital part of our collective past, and an essential dimension to understanding the places and spaces we live, love and work at today, and the many past generations of ancestors who shaped the place and history we call Ontario today.

This is an extremely fragile heritage, easily lost as a result of land changes or development, or even as a result of poorly conducted excavation or digging for artifacts. We believe that everyone who lives here or visits Ontario all share in the responsibility to care for and properly conserve this record, so that we all can come to understand and appreciate further the rich and complex human heritage that reveals itself through the archaeological remains left behind over the millennia.

Everyone is encouraged to become members of the Society and to support its co-ordinating role in helping to promote, record and preserve our archaeological heritage. We provide members the opportunity to connect and share their concerns and passion for archaeology with a broad range of professional, student, and avocational archaeologists, as well as to work together with the public and descendants of those whose heritage we study and safeguard today

What People Are Saying

"A profound faith in the future can only be built upon a deep sense and understanding of the past."

— J. Norman Emerson

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