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I Read Canadian

Every young person should have access to Canadian books. 

Literacy and the love of reading is critical to economic and emotional development as well as individual and community well-being. Reading for fun increases literacy skills, builds empathy, and leads to improved academic achievement. These reasons are why the Ontario Library Association hosts the Forest of Reading, the the largest kids’ reading program of its kind in Canada. Every year, more than 270,000 readers participate at school or their public library or individually. 

But we need to do more. Over the past few years, we have noticed that not all young people were able to participate at their school or in their community, and not all communities in Canada have access to current Canadian books for young people.  

The I Read Canadian Fund was created to make sure kids have every opportunity to read great books and to participate in a book club.  

The I Read Canadian Fund connects young Canadians with Canadian books by:  

  • Donating new books to communities in need to support reading programs. Many of these are rural or fly-in communities or places where budgets are very limited.  
  • Supporting schools, libraries, and other organizations in priority communities so they can participate in reading programs.  
  • Connecting authors and illustrators to young fans at festivals, and their schools.  

 Our supporters include library workers, educators, authors, illustrators, publishers, parents, and other individuals who understand how crucial it is to give young people new Canadian books.  

By September 2023, the I Read Canadian Fund hopes to raise $25,000.  

Did you know?  

  • By donating $25 to the I Read Canadian Fund you will send a young reader to the Forest of Reading Festival.  
  • By donating $50 to the I Read Canadian Fund you will cover the cost of the annual registration fee for Forest of Reading Program.  
  • By donating $150 to the I Read Canadian Fund you will cover the cost of one set of books for the Forest of Reading Program.  

Here is how your donation to I Read Canadian helps:  

  • $200 provides one Forest of Reading book-set to a classroom or library.  
  • $500 brings a bus of young readers to their local reading festival/celebration.  
  • $1,000 - $4,000 delivers 350 Canadian books to a remote community in need.  
  • $750-$1000 subsidizes an author/illustrator visit to a small or remote community (including travel). 

Every contribution connects a young person to a book that could change their lives.

Help change a young person’s life through the power of reading, today.