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Your support is needed more than ever! Donate to the OLA General Fund.


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Your support is needed more than ever! Donate to the OLA General Fund.

OLA General Fund Campaign - 2021-22: OLA Equity Work    

Each year, OLA fundraises for a specific initiative that supports an aspect of the profession and helps strengthen libraries. Donations to the OLA General Fund will help us continue to support and strengthen the library sector during this challenging time.   

  1. Enabling OLA to invest in important initiatives such as OLA’s Diversity and Inclusion Training.
  2. Aid OLA members who undertake equity work by offering grants of up to $2,000 

Why is this goal important for the OLA?     

The OLA recognizes that its members want to expand their understanding of issues and topics related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, as this is an issue that has previously been underrecognized within the library community. As a result of this, while most librarians and library systems see this as an important priority, these systems lack the funding and resources to properly prioritize this type of work.   

The OLA has designed its Diversity and Inclusion Training offerings to fulfill this need, ensuring that members will receive access to relevant and prompt content and training. The OLA’s equity work grant initiative will provide up to $2,000 for OLA members to undertake equity-related initiatives at their institution in the coming year.   

Both initiatives will provide opportunities for library staff and committees to build their own equity initiatives which can be reported to the larger library community, further improving the sector’s responses to issues related to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.    

How will your donation help OLA and the people who work in or for libraries?  

There is an urgent need for change in how libraries approach this issue. Your donation goes a long way towards helping the OLA achieve this goal. Your donation will directly support instructor and speaker fees, our training platform costs, as well as offset the costs of ensuring that these resources are readily available for OLA members. This is especially true in the case of smaller library systems, which may not have the resources in place to support this work.   

It is also important to consider the impact of not having the funding to do this type of work. Historical underfunding of initiatives related to equity, diversity, and inclusion has created conditions where some groups of library staff and patrons may feel like the library is not a safe space for them. Without dedicated resources to support this type of work, the burden often falls on the shoulders of BIPOC staff, who may not have the time and resources to do this type of work. Donating in support of this type of work will help to redress these issues and help library systems and librarians better understand the communities they serve.   

Your donation will directly support a variety of equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives, from staff training to equity and diversity audits will all be supported through your donations to these programs. Your donation will help the OLA provide grants to library staff, providing opportunities for development and growth. This will result in a more informed library sector with a better understanding of their colleagues and patrons. Your donation to the OLA for equity grants will be used to support better programming.  

How do I benefit from donating to support this initiative?    

We can’t do this work without you and your support. Your donation allows you to ensure that OLA members are well-equipped to manage issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their workplaces. Your donation can also aid the library sector in improving its ability to manage and respond to these issues, which helps with how the sector engages with its staff and patrons.   

Your donation will also signal to the library sector that there is a vested interest for this type of work to grow within libraries in Ontario, which is important for ensuring that this work continues to get done. On a more personal level, your donation will signal that you are personally committed to ensuring that this work is done at libraries, and through your donation you are signaling your commitment to being part of actionable change on these issues.   

The OLA is 122 years old this year, and throughout our history we have seen how the profession has remained resilient by adapting to the changing environments and contexts for libraries in Ontario. We know that our membership and partners support building a profession that reflects all of us, and we know that with your support and ideas, we can continue to achieve this goal. Now more than ever, we need your support.   

How else can you support OLA? 

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OLA is a registered charity. If you donate more than $20 today, you will receive a tax receipt.