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Recovery College

The Facts:

- Enhancing positive mental health is possible for everyone, even those with a mental illness -Approximately 5% of Canadians report symptoms consistent with a mood disorder. Among these individuals, almost half (46%) report they have a strong sense of belonging to their local community.*

There is no health without mental health. Both physical and mental health are important to an individual’s overall health - 85% of Canadians who rate their physical health as very good or excellent also rate their mental health as very good or excellent.*

Positive mental health is influenced by factors such as early life experiences, family, community and society - Among Canadians reporting strong ties to their community, 77% have high psychological well-being.*

*Source: www.canada.ca

Recovery College at Ontario Shores:

Established in 2016, Recovery College at Ontario Shores if the first of its kind in Canada joining an international community that offers free access to education for patients. This program is available to inpatients and outpatients and provides an opportunity for learning and discovery. Courses focus on mental illnesses, treatment options, wellness and ultimately discovering or rediscovering passions, hope, and meaning. Recovery College complements professional assessment and treatment by helping people to understand their challenges and learn how to manage them better to pursue their aspirations. It is a place where "lived experience" is blended with the expertise of mental health practitioners to help participants develop meaningful goals for recovery.

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