Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Registered Name: Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Business Number: 841260706RR0001

Open Sky improves the lives and outcomes of adults who face barriers due to social, developmental or mental health challenges, by enabling the skills they need to navigate independent living and be meaningfully employed. Led by goals identified by these adults, we provide best-practice teaching methods for both autism and for mental illness, while also fostering strong self-management skills and social connections. 

Open Sky is a beautiful, welcoming place to be. On a beautiful 11-acre farm in Sackville NB, we have a 5-bedroom residence, goat and donkey barn, henhouse, greenhouses and many acres of lawns, gardens and pasture. Adults can live in residence and participate in programs to improve their skills and well-being, as well as learn and do organic farming and gardening. Day programs, training and activities are also provided for adults who do not live onsite. We trained for and helped launch a new local co-operative business, that provides living wage employment for people who face barriers.

Everyone can benefit from living and working in a healthy environment, with gentle relationships and within an understanding and supportive community. Extra skilled support is invaluable, especially for those already dis-empowered by challenging life experiences.

Open Sky has special expertise for adults with autism spectrum disorder, providing unique and effective skills programming, tailored to meet needs identified by a functional skills assessment. Open Sky is the only such service provider in the Maritimes.

The activities of Open Sky Co-operative are guided by the following charitable objects:

  1. To establish, operate and maintain a residential, educational and therapeutic facility for persons with social, developmental or mental health challenges, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or Asperger Syndrome.
  2. To provide life-skills development programmes, vocational training, mentorship, and recreational and social activities to persons with social, developmental or mental health challenges.
  3. To educate and increase the understanding of the public about the causes and effects of, and treatments for, social, developmental or mental health challenges, on the barriers that prevent the participation of persons with disabilities in their community life and on the support services available to persons suffering from such disabilities.
  4. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the above-mentioned charitable purposes.

What People Are Saying

"We are impressed with how very accurately you have captured [our son's] difficulties. It is uplifting to see concrete strategies to address them. .. We are happy with the report and we thank-you."

— parent of an adult son with autism, following Open Sky's assessment

"Open Sky has given me great experiences, a place to socialize and make friends, and has helped me with my personal life to become more independent and even get a job!"

— Open Sky participant 2012-2016

"Before I came to Open Sky Co-operative, I had a lot of problems with social skills, emotional management and sensory overload due to Autism.. Open Sky has helped me address [these] challenges, as well as teach me social skills for situations that most people would not know how to deal with..." "

— Open Sky participant 2016 - 2020

"I am a young adult with a learning disability that came to a crisis point after high school. With Open Sky's help, I live independently, supplement my income working in a business co-op I helped create, and I participate in the community. I have a fulfilling life with lots of opportunities."

— Open Sky participant 2013 - 2020

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