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Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Registered Name: Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Business Number: 841260706RR0001

At the forefront, creating new opportunities for adults with autism

Campaign Ended March 31, 2018

Open Sky is developing cutting-edge programs and supports for the growing numbers of adults who experience barriers due to Autism. As innovators, we want to share what we are learning, with educators, health professionals, social workers, employers and others in the community. This will make our support systems, communities and workplaces more welcoming and helpful.

Your donations here will enable us to provide public training opportunities, where we 'skill-up' others, so they can be more helpful to others, wherever and whenever they can. One hundred dollars provides 2 days of training for one person, as a part of a 4-day program that Open Sky offers in the community.

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