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Foundations for Growth: A Journey to Repair and Expand

Registered Name: Open Sky Co-operative Ltd.

Business No: 841260706RR0001

Foundations for Growth: A Journey to Repair and Expand

Open Sky Co-operative, Ltd is looking to the future and planning for growth. 

Two significant capital building projects will help us serve more individuals and sustain our unique programming for the years to come.  We are seeking a variety of funders to assist us with repairs to preserve our historic Tantramar marsh barn, and for the construction of a year-round workshop or “maker-space” to help expand our programming abilities. These projects will be carried out in 2 phases in 2022 and 2023. 

In 2022, Open Sky Co-operative is planning make repairs to the foundation of our historic Tantramar hay barn which will allow it to stand for many more years. The programs that thrive in this space and the animals that are housed here help build vocational skills, confidence, connection, and well-being for our participants who are young adults experiencing barriers due to autism, learning disabilities, and mental health challenges.

We propose to build a simple, 24’ x 40’ energy efficient building to house program activities, with designated space for tools, and a cold storage area for vegetables. A bright, versatile, multi-use space for messy activities such as art, small construction projects, repairs, vegetable processing, training workshops, etc, will make it possible to expand our program possibilities and participant numbers. This is a “foundation” for growing Open Sky in the future.

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With heartfelt thanks,

Helen Douglas (Chair of the Board), and Laura Hunter (Executive Director)