Operation Come Home

Registered Name: Operation Come Home / Opération Retnrer au Foyer

Business Number: 119068997RR0001

Our Mission

OPERATION COME HOME PREVENTS HOMELESS YOUTH FROM BECOMING HOMELESS ADULTS Operation Come Home accomplishes this mission by providing homeless youth ages 16-30 (age limits vary based on programs) with a variety of unique programs and services.

About Operation Come Home

Today, Operation Come Home offers supported education and employment, social enterprises, street outreach, drop-in centre and emergency services and our original mandate, reunite, that assists runaway youth return home to their families. Operation Come Home provides programs and services to more than 500+ youth per year, all of whom gain access to OCH with the hope of becoming contributing members of their communities.

What People Are Saying

"I think the work you do with youth is so important and ever necessary. Thank you for all you do to reach out to the youth in our city and give them the tools they need to gain employment and fight addictions and for the love and support you give to help them feel like the valued people they are. "

— Anonymous Donor

"The work you do is truly amazing and the support you give the youth is something that brings on emotions. There is a need for this type of work in Ottawa and the world. They need to know that someone loves them regardless of their mistakes, shortcomings, misdirection or whatever... as we all do. "

— Anonymous Donor

"As a resident of downtown Ottawa, I chose a donation to this charity to help reduce the number of homeless adults in the future. Passing these individuals on the street is devastating to me, and I find myself in a difficult place to resist trying to help"

— Anonymous Donor

"Operation Come Home provides essential services to youth at risk in Ottawa. The volunteers are well trained and devoted and the staff are compassionate and so professional."

— Anonymous Donor

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