Opération Père Noël / Operation Santa Claus

Registered Name: Opération père Noël / Operation Santa Clause

Business Number: 835410440RR0001

Our Mission

Operation Santa Claus wants to allow underprivileged children, or those who do not have families anymore, to experience magic moments the morning of December 25th, because Santa will have brought them a present that they asked him for.

About Opération Père Noël / Operation Santa Claus

Operation Santa Claus allows you to be an underprivileged child’s Santa Claus. You may choose to make your donation in money or to receive the letter that a child wrote to Santa Claus and in which he or she asks what he/she would like for Christmas.

Most of the children that Operation Santa Claus takes care of would not receive anything if not for our Santas’ help, since many of them live in very poor families, and sometimes very disorganized ones; some children are simply abandoned. In several regions of Quebec, Operation Santa Claus establishes partnerships with organizations which are in contact with deprived families whose children might not be getting a visit from Santa Claus (via youth centers, CSSS, schools, community organizations).

Your donation will make a great difference in the life of a child. Who knows – maybe your gesture will give him/her a little bit of hope and will confirm that Santa Claus really exists!

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