OPTICA, a centre for contemporary art

Registered Name: OPTICA, centre d'art contemporain

Business Number: 127201101RR0001

OPTICA, a centre for contemporary art, is not-for-profit organization and a registered charity (127201101 RR0001). The centre endeavours to promote contemporary art, seeks to raise public awareness about the issues that motivate artistic practices and discourse in the visual arts, and helps advance Montreal’s standing on the national and international art scene.

It presents exhibitions, invests in curated productions and symposia and, through its educational services, proposes interpretative activities to the people of the city of Montreal. The objective is to provide a varied platform by also joining other local organizations and actors so as to facilitate exchanges with artists, curators, and audiences, thus contributing to the dissemination and comprehension of contemporary art practices. All these programs propose a critical reflection on current artistic happenings while stimulating creative work, mandates that are supported by editorial activity.

OPTICA’s endowment fund is managed by the Foundation of Greater Montreal.

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