Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness


Business Number: 107848251RR0001

 Our Mission

Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness is a pro-choice, charitable organization that provides sexual health education and counselling services in Edmonton and surrounding Communities. 

We empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive well-being through, education, information and supportive programs and services.  This is accomplished by respecting the individual’s values, beliefs, cultural context and experiences.

Programming addresses:

  • reproductive options                      
  • self-concept
  • autonomy                                    
  • sexual orientation
  • sexual expression                        
  • communication
  • harm reduction strategies              
  • gender roles

We provide:

-Free Pregnancy Testing                                 -Pregnancy Options Counselling

-Sexual Decision Making Strategies              -Birth Control Information

-Telephone Counselling                                  -Sexual Health Education

-Sexual Orientation Support                           -Sexuality Training for Professionals

About Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness

Compass Centre works to educate, advocate and support people in their sexual and reproductive health decisions. The VISION of Compass Centre is helping navigate healthy sexuality.

Much of the information that people receive about sexuality comes from movies, music, the internet and television. This can lead to confusion and misinformation about sexuality for adults and youth alike. This lack of information can increase the risk for sexually transmitted infections, unintended pregnancy, and can create relationships issues and/or personal distress.

Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness recognizes and responds to the need for accurate, unbiased information concerning sexuality and skills to determine personal boundaries and to make healthy decisions within the context of a person's values, beliefs, culture and experience.

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