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Our Mission

Orchestras Canada helps orchestras achieve together what they cannot accomplish alone, serving Canadian orchestras in both official languages, through research, knowledge-sharing, convening, and advocacy.


Orchestras Canada is the national association for Canadian orchestras, and we proudly serve and represent groups in every Canadian province, including youth and training orchestras, volunteer-driven and community-based smaller budget orchestras, regional and major professional orchestras.

We offer workshops, conferences, and on-line exchange to connect orchestras across the country. Through research and analysis, we help to contextualize orchestras’ many contributions to their communities. We carefully curate the most current resources on orchestras, management, and leadership, and we host an active on-line job board, to ensure that busy people have easy access to the knowledge they need throughout their careers. We are an effective and persistent advocate for orchestras on the national level.

What People Are Saying

"I have yet to walk away with out taking good solid ideas and a fresh look at what we can do better to make our orchestra better."

— Oakville Symphony

"Hearing about the challenges and solutions that have worked at organizations such as the National Arts Centre Orchestra and other well-known arts institutions, as well as much smaller community orchestras, gave a valuable perspective on the issues that we all face."

— Georgian Bay Symphony

"It makes us realize that we are not alone in our drive and mission to keep the Arts alive and vibrant in communities in Ontario - no matter what the size and perhaps - with a collective voice - we can have more power to further that mission. "

— North Bay Symphony

"There is nothing so valuable to know that you are part of a community that is prepared to share solutions to challenges and concerns that we all face."

— Niagara Youth Orchestra

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