Nouvelle Generation Orchestra

Registered Name: Orchestre de chambre Nouvelle Génération

Business Number: 843602905RR0001


Founded by Yuli and Eleonora Turovsky in 2011, the Nouvelle Génération Chamber Orchestra is quickly establishing its reputation on Quebec’s classical music scene. Despite its tender age, the Orchestra has already garnered a loyal following of enthusiastic fans here and abroad, and has already made a strong impression by its members’ trademark intensity, enthusiasm, and joy of music-making.

Derived from Yuli Turovsky’s unique artistic principles and distinctive musical values, “Nouvelle Génération” is so named not solely because of the young age of its members, but also as a nod to their constant search for everything “new” in performance: individual and novel interpretations, repertoire programming – be it new compositions by current composers or revisiting old standards in singular, exciting ways – or pairing classical music with different art forms such as painting, dance, and theatre. It is the Orchestra’s mission to bring renewed life to classical music, to reaffirm its accessibility, and to deviate from the preconception of what classical music concerts are “supposed to be”.

An exciting fusion of lasting heritage and keen innovation… this is the true meaning of Nouvelle Génération.

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