Organized Kaos


Business Number: 777006693RR0001

Organized Kaos (OK) exists to disciple young people in life and trade, inspiring hope and purpose.

OK is a trades-based drop-in center that offers a safe environment in which young people, between the ages of 13 and 25, can work and learn alongside skilled trades persons from local churches. Students will be apprenticed through a hands-on approach, giving a sense of accomplishment, confidence and knowledge. Organized Kaos is a tool for equipping students, improving the community, building relationships, sharing the gospel and connecting students with local churches.

Organized Kaos provides the opportunity for both a high quality program, and a safe, relaxed environment through strong mentoring relationships. It is a place to learn skills to further career potential, and to find hope and purpose for the future, impacting the local community.

What People Are Saying

"OK has the potential to change every aspect of a person's life. By learning, or developing, skills in a trade...confidence can grow. And as all things are permeated and guided by the love of God...purpose and hope can be found. "

— Tim Teakle: Alpha Canada Youth Associate

"Organized Kaos (OK) is a great vehicle to introduce individuals to what the trades have to offer. "

— Dave Levac: MPP Brant

"Organized Kaos is a trades-based drop-in center that provides young people with a working and learning environment where they can gain valuable skills for both the workshop and their lives."

— Phil McColeman: MP Brantford-Brant

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