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Special 2018 Fundraiser: Virtual Flowers!

This campaign is running alongside our annual flower sale for those who want to support ORIANA but don't have space to grow flowers. Select the "virtual flowers" fund from the options below. Then choose one of the following donation levels:

  • $15: Virtual half-flat of begonias
  • $35: Virtual tray of geraniums
  • $70: Virtual summer porch (two hanging baskets)
  • $100: Virtual green thumb (flat of begonias, tray of geraniums, and a hanging basket)

In return for your donation we will send you a beautiful photo as a Thank You. Your donation will support ORIANA as it pursues its artistic mandate.

Our Mandate

ORIANA Women’s Choir promotes choral distinction in Canada by striving for excellence and versatility in performing music for women’s voices. ORIANA supports the choral community in Canada by expanding the repertoire for women’s voices through the commissioning of new works by Canadian composers.

About ORIANA Women's Choir

ORIANA Women’s Choir, under the guidance of Artistic Director Mitchell Pady, develops individual and collective singing expertise, fosters the creation of new Canadian choral repertoire, and expands the involvement of a wider audience in choral music.

ORIANA supports the choral community by undertaking artistic collaborations with other Canadian choirs. The choir continues to develop partnerships with other musicians and artists from other disciplines such as dance and visual arts, expanding its repertoire beyond classical choral music.  

ORIANA is committed to the principle of social equity and has a policy to ensure that no financial, physical, or other barriers will prevent a singer who has successfully auditioned from joining the choir.

ORIANA is supported by grants from the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, Business for the Arts; by corporate sponsorships; by concert revenues, fundraising efforts and chorister fees; and by generous donations.

What People Are Saying

"It's such a pleasure hearing my songs and arrangements sung so beautifully by all of you."

— Debbie Fleming

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