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Kids in the Spotlight

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Kids in the Spotlight

Julia Zuppa is a high school student in Orleans and a current student at the Ottawa School of Theatre (OST). By doing theatre classes, starting at age 6, Julia discovered many life skills and became empowered by theatre. She took it upon herself to start the “Kids in the Spotlight” grant program, raising funds through donations to fund five grants per year for five kids between the ages of 6 and 12 to attend one week of summer camp at OST free of charge, starting in 2024.

When she was younger, Julia was shy and quiet. She was insecure, lacked confidence, and hadn't found her own voice. By doing theatre classes, Julia became more and more comfortable with herself. She started finding her own voice and broke out of the shell that was holding her back. Julia’s mission in creating this grant is to help children gain more confidence, become more comfortable with themselves, and find their own voice. She knows and has experienced the benefits of theatre. Theatre not only teaches life skills, but it is also incredibly fun and helps you make friends that will last a lifetime.  

Please consider donating to Julia’s “Kids in the Spotlight” grant program to help give the gift of theatre to five lucky kids per summer at OST. Ottawa School of Theatre is a registered charity. Donors will receive a tax receipt.